The First Seduction

You work together on one project. It’s easy and fun to work together, you’re joking and talking after working in a cafe for a cup of coffee. But you did not dare to invite her on a date, to offer this beautiful girl to take a closer look. You see her every day… her sweet smile and shining eyes. At night you represent this coveted woman next to you in your bed, her voluptuous naked body … You kiss her legs and gently caress her breasts. Going down softly, you touch her belly with tongue and descend lower … … at night you dream of Angel in a dream, how she passionately starts you and riding of your mighty penis. Today you decide to invite her to the bar to drink and celebrate the completion of yours project. Angel always wears a nylon stockings, a short skirt, a white blouse and high heels. You are extremely interested in whether she wear garters or her stockings on silicone rubber bands. You can not take your eyes off her nylon beautiful and sexy legs in high heel

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