Peeing outside the car

(Video on user request) My fans certainly know the my series of amateur videos „Pee in the car „which has already ten sequels. Today I was filming at the user’s wish pee video that starts off and ends in the car, but I pee outside the car. Therefore, this video can not be assigned into this series. Again, I am desperate because I have a great urge to urinate! This time, I obey the command of my friend, I step out of the car and make in jeans pissing out of the car. Uhh relief! Video camera filming me from the front during pissing. Following posing in wet jeans of them in the cold weather rises steam. I’m going back into the car and boyfriend hands me a plastic bag, me to sat on it. Ha-Ha! With a smile plastic bag throw out and sit down with wet jeans ass on the seat.

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