Lesbian catgirls transformation

1. I come home sick with a fever and start to undress. 2. As i take off my shirt and bra, i get cat ears. 3. As i take off the rest of my clothes, i have a tail. 4. i am crawl around my house acting like a cat. 5. I am feeling horny and lonely so i rub my pussy on various things. 6. My girlfriend comes home. I grab her and bite her . Now she has a fever too. 7. As i take off her shirt and bra, she gets cat ears. 8. As i take off the rest of her clothes, she has a tail. 9. we make love like cats, rubbing our faces together and licking each other all over. 10. we are rubing your pussies together in scissorshold , cumming, then fall asleep.

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