I have much more Power over you than your stupid wife have!

Look at she – and Now look at Me! Your wife is an ugly stupid bitch! Allways in dirty robe with greasy hair! She cant do nothing normal, and especialy in the bed with you! And I have an undeniable power over you. I am constantly on your mind, making your heart throb, making your cock twitch and images racing through your head all day and night, even when you try to fuck your wife. You are h*lplessly obsessed with Me! I am not only the hottest thing you’ve ever seen but the most intelligent, Dominant, seductive woman you’ve ever been exposed to! I have so much power over you by teasing you with my sexy body, ass, legs, words. You are ready to forget about your wife and whole your f*mily. Total Home wrecker. There isnt anything else in this world anymore that excites you more then i do. You dont even think anymore about how it could be if you get a woman into your bed, you dont want to fuck your fat wife anymore. She is just boring and dont do it anymore, she dont have this magical power over you like i do. You cant explain it for yourself its just magical. You dont even want to stroke it anymore to someone else.

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